Freelance Cultural & Heritage Photographer

3D Modelling

This project concerned the Devonport Ships Figurehead Collection. It was proposed to build models of figureheads to aid the exhibition teams to visualize all opportunities, post restoration.

At the time, most of the artifacts were housed in one building, their backs close to the wall and adjacent to each other.

Initial trials used a hand held scanner with subsequent file stitching in CAD programs. From the completed file, two models using 3D printers, were produced.

There was two principal limitations were; the quality of the hand held scanner available and the time taken to stitch the files in CAD.

Subsequently trails were undertaken using Photogrammetry, to overcome these limitations.

Trial 1: Original crown of figurehead Royal William.

On the removal of the figurehead, for conservation, the original crown was produced from the archives. This smaller object allowed for a series of controlled images to be taken 360 degree’s around and over the top of the subject.

Using software, with minimal interaction the stitched file was completed in a fraction of the time that it would have taken using a hand held scanner.

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